You Just dont fit in here…

…I don’t fight it anymore. They expect this big argument.

No. I am done caring. I give some advice that is unheeded. eh… Plumbers. C’mon.

So I am “laid off” (fired) as of now.


I move on.



I have written about this before.

The funniest was PAR Environmental where I workd for the most misogynist little dick  who finally …finading no reason to fire me called me in and said “”you just don;t fit”. I had already learned effing auto-cad on my own and down the impossible – no matter. This little dick wanted something I could not give.

Gee…I wonder what that is?

It’s true…I do not fit in.  I don’t.


People look at me in $13 an hour job and they say its wrong…I dunno what m gonna do next….





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