Love is all there is.


I was born to love. So are you.

I was a twin…so I was always in relationship…from conception.

Scott died…He fought hard for 18 hours and then gave it up. Me? I always live.

I miss him.

I have learned to not be bitter or be self-pitying. No. I own my life.

Most of my lessons have come from women.

Karen taught me how to parent. She was amazing. I stand in awe. Now she has Glenn (a man I hove the outmost of respect for)….it makes me happy.

Lori was harder but deeper. I am fast on the draw…but Lori can place three slugs in my chest while I am still drawing my gun. She is THAT fast.

I look at my chest…(with three holes ) and all I can say before I fall is “nice grouping.”

After her was Morgan…well that was an eye-opener. We could read each other’s minds from 30 feet.

It’s kinda too bad I was so fucked up.

I ran through others. Women too good for me.

Then Leslie.

There is simply no finer woman on this planet than Leslie Monthan.

And I broke her heart.She will read this and cry. No human being has ever gone to the dpeths with me like Leslie. She held me when I quaked.

I tip my hat to Jan Rogers in Little Rock.  In all fairness..I think all you girls shd get together…buy a gun and dispatch me.

Well revenge is a best dish served cold.

Molly Hallman is cold. She is cutting my heart out with a cold dull raged spoon.

I am in agony.


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