I’ll Take My Mac Scrambled


One of the first Christian poets I ever read was Luci Shaw. I got ahold of The Secret Trees at 20 and read (among other things):

We cannot
name ourselves

“We wait for God
or Satan
to tell us who we are”

You may or may not believe in a personal Devil and I don’t really care. Those of us at street level are under no illusions

When the Great Reynaldo came up to my house and we sat down we cut through all the crap. We always do. There are no preliminaries. There is no warm-up. We don’t have to and that is probably one of the many things we love best about each other. We just get to it.

Well I am a rational man. I know that I lot of what I am experiencing is simply massive changes: new job, a move, then being laid off – a shift from being in a large community where I am known to being alone in the country and somewhat isolated. Any man would have a hard time keeping a sense of center – of real equilibrium. And it was not exactly like I had a year of stability behind that. I’ve had constant change. My one constant is God.

The reason The Great One is so important is that we tell each other the Truth. Not the sort of “Tough Love” bullshit – we are WAY beyond that. That get’s done in the joking phase. No we are taking things that are far more important and visionary.

TGO can look at me and say “You cannot serve two masters” and what he means is I cannot keep wasting time on dating sites when I am actually in love with a single woman (and we all know who that is). And that is probably not ever going to work out. So best to just quit it (I did) – move on and concentrate on my One and only Master – “what you DO have in front of you?”

But STOP wasting time and being diverted. Let God name you.

No moralisms, no big argument. Just Truth. And here is the thing: no judgment. The Great One will love me no matter what I do.

I have done this as well. It took awhile for him to get it. He thought I wanted to win “the argument.” I couldn’t care less.

The bottom line is you either trust God or you believe and trust in everything else.

I can tell you that the ONLY thing that keeps me going is faith. Without it I would have taken the long swim quite awhile back…but as is I have no intention. I have things to do – things to do with TGO.

We will not be named by The Enemy. We will be named by God as painful as that may be and as costly as it is (and make no mistake it is very costly).


Clarity Comes

In prayer clarity comes – often.

Get back to what works – diet and exercise and a regiment. Service – through Feeding the Spirit. Get to the new Church (where I have not been labeled). Admit that my heart is given to one woman already and accept the relationship as it now lays (for God’s sake do NOT seek anything new).  Cultivate your devout side. Work hard at the new job God provides. Keep it simple.

This blog used to be a lot funnier (or funny). I’m sure it will be again. This is a serious time.


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