The Great One

Bench - Bus Stop_md

I had to wait most of the day. I was almost arrested once (that’s a different story) but finally the Great Reynaldo  came out of the 66 bus and we embraced then sat down on the bench.

We are both broken and know it. It’s why we cry out to God and often weep. That takes faith because you experience that what is lost is being found.

We laughed hard two hours later ….God throwing a massive black Chicago Gansta in with a lilly-white NorCal Intellectual….BLAM. “Yer partners…deal.”

Well I admit that it helps that TGR is brilliant. He can go toe to toe with me….and does.

But that is not it at all.

No. This guy can bring it right into the paint like I can. It’s scary how good he is.


Here are some things I learned.

Both of us have a deep well of pain….but his is far deeper and real.

He’s right. We both speak Truth into each other.  Sometimes it takes me some time to get it. Most of the time we are right THERE.


Greatest quote to date from the Great One? “Oh I’m sorry…do you not have time…do you have to catch a flight?”

I about shat myself with laughter.


What we both agreed upon is that we need to die.

Er….to SELF.

We are not gonna get what we want. Period.

Many people get to do so. They have houses and mortgages, savings accounts, retirement and lives I have forgotten….That is God’s GRACE. I am happy for them.

The Great Reynaldo and I do not get this option. No. We have to die t self….which is soemthing (by the way) few preachers in America will ever admit.

I had to ait


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