Bochey and Sabaen pulled another one out of their asses last night. Three titles in five years. Unreal. My first Giants game was exactly the same as writer Anne Lamott’s. I mean, I almost blew chowder when I read her write about walking into the field for the first time at Candlestick Park and “seeing Willie Mays like Jesus in center field.”  The grass greener than is  possible; the air clearer. Sheer MAGIC.

Then the BUMS would show up in their pressed white and blues and send us down…dead. McCovery, Mays, Speier, Dirty Al…Henderson…Bonds (the original), Fuentes…down, down down..Effing Sutton.

Then there was the “The Penguin”…oh don’t even get me going on him….

God I hate the Dodgers.

The great sports journalist Roger Angell wrote about my first game at Candlestick. It was a night game. Chris Speier was the rookie shortstop and he homered in his first at-bat. Mays followed with his own. The ballpark was still just chain-linked. So they both just went deep into the night.


When I was younger my Grandmother would take me to Padres games in San Diego. Ray Croc owned the team and McDonalds…so you could get in for a buck..if you were shrewd…Sally was way shrewd. We sat there for 9 hours and I scored the two games on a pad she bought me (that took a 2 hour walk). I do not have much of my father in me (I have his voice and come of his humor)…but my ability to walk long distances, live alone and endure hardship? I get that from Sally. Sally was my first Jedi Master.


I want to cry right  now. I will. We cry behind closed doors at $225 an hour IF we can get an appt. It is criminal. Two more baseball stories

ONE: The Giants had lost to the BUMS again and we had to go to SFO to welcome my Grandma. McCovey moved past me like a cargo ship in the terminal… They had no private charters at the time..they needed to catch a flight. They waited. I walked up with United Airlines passes to ask for autographs (which is why I will never do it again). They patiently signed…McCovey, Fuentes,  Barr, …30 in all…I had them all to myself…

TWO: You only get one shot. Maybe understanding why, given my story, I bet everything on one night to take my son Adam to a World Series game on HIS EXACT TENTH Birthday 10-22-2010. That was it. After that I was done. Cost me all I had left. Baseball. (oh..and they lost). Reggie Sanders lost it in right field….Bonds II was on steroids and they didn’t have the pitching. Now they win every other year with almost anything while the BUMS spend 200 gazillion to go down on flames every year. God I love baseball. I miss taking the bus to the games with my grandma for a double-header.


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