Homeless Roulette

imagesI have talked with hundreds of homeless men and women over the last few years – men and women from both coasts. I should make it clear from the beginning that, context being everything, homelessness on the West Coast, particularly in Fall and Winter, is very different than on the East Coast. And homelessness North of California is very different than what is now experience here.

The following few days I will unpack an assessment of what I have seen up and down the West Coast in “types” of homeless outreaches and services. It is not by any means exhaustive – not even lose. It is meant to provide some thoughtful depth, not any answers or breadth.

The first that always comes to mind is the easiest and perhaps the funniest. I think of it easily because the post most associated with it starts with a picture of Hemingway followed by one of Lou Ferrigno as “The Hulk.” You can quickly read it HERE.


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