Jesus Saves?

6a00d8341bffb053ef0105363b641f970c-500wi“I expect you to come back over here in my moment of ‘Job-ness’ and save me in my crisis! That is what I expect you muthafucka! Not for you to just wander off and not come back!!”

Then the Great Reynaldo let out  great laugh followed by a giant sigh of exasperation.

“Well I won’t be doing any saving any time soon,” I said flatly.
“I refuse to be one of Job’s comforter’s by opening my cake-hole, and as for your expectations and projections yer kinda like a cineplex aren’t ya?”

“Ha! And don’t think you’re gonna get out of it with your humor!” he bellowed.

“No, I’m serious O’ Great One,” I said seriously. “The difference between me and most of the ministers around this town is they really do not believe that Jesus can change anybody so they have to. It’s their job to make sure people change so they develop their agenda and impose that. Me? I got no agenda for you…and yet you are pissed off by that.”

Then I hunkered down closer and looked him dead in the eyes and said  “I DO believe Jesus changes people. You want saving? You want change? Ask Him direct.”

See I actually do. He is the only thing that changes me.

The local minsters have a whole agenda mapped out for me that has nothing to do with who I am, where I have been, or where I am going. They do not even know who I am. They just have a program (“one size fits all.”) and Jesus is trotted in as the commemorative guy or symbol for their formulaic approach – not the Living Head of the whole transformation deal.

He would mess up their religious enterprise, over-turn their cars.., er…carts…maybe even grab the whip.

Me? I don’t grab the whip. I just walk away most of the time, or answer a question..

I told the Great One simply that I would pray and open up to the One who does save and bring real change. “If He gives me anything to share with you I’ll let you know…but don’t get your hopes up. His ways are not our ways..neither are His thoughts our thoughts.”

Thank God I thought as I walked away.

I pray now every morning as I pass his car in the dark, and a few other times through the day. I listen. But it’s really between them.


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