The Old has Become Past, behold New Things have come…

Pic-10052014-003The Great Renaldo was trying to engage me in a  battle that I would not have. He is studying “Job” and was, in his own way, inviting me to be one of Job’s comforters. I told him I had no intention of being anything of the kind,  opening my cakehole, or would I battle him, or was I there to save.

I will open up and pray for you today,” I said. And I have done that and continue to.

I mentioned to him that while most pastors do not really believe that Jesus brings lasting change, I do.

He looked disappointed.

Get used to it.


Today, or tonight I am meeting a remarkable woman. I have been meetings some interesting gals to talk with and have even gone on some quick dates. But no “Jedi.” No one who can handle my fastball, curve and also throw back as hard.

We’ve been talking on a very deep and wide level now for a time and have decided to meet tonight. I am taking her to a nice romantic dinner at the wharf, then after we will go take a blanket down to the beach, talk and watch the sun go down.

I’ve been up since 4 a.m.; she has been up since 3 and has just flown back from Seattle from a business.trip.

I have not had a date this serious since March of 21012 when I met my last girlfriend Molly in a cafe in Seaside.

So of course as I was leaving the cafe downtown this morning who is walking right towards me on Pacific but Molly herself – who I have not seen for seven months and our breakup – not once.

I said “Hi” but kept walking as I have nothing else to say really. Not now, not ever.

The effect? Vanity. I went to Trader Joes to checkout and make sure I looked as damned thin as I really now am (having dropped 45 pounds since we were together).

No, I look really good and I wanted to check and make sure – because I am secure that way 😉

I don’t care if she knows that I have a job and am clear-headed and rock-solid. I sure as hell do care (or wish) her to know that I have found  is as compelling, and possibly more-so (as she doesn’t have time for a relationship and it would just make her sad).

But I did want her to see that I look svelt and healthy. So mature.

Then I shook her off entirely. “Out with the old and in with the new.”

So, weird to be sure – because things with Leslie are more than likely going to really work out.  Maybe it was just a reminder of what really doesn’t work – and to be grateful for a fresh opportunity.


“I really hate ju man,” Antionio hissed at me.

“I know you do you asshat,” I said

“I want to keeeel ju man.”

“We can take it out into the street badass,” I say.

“Oh I am just gonna mess you up soooo bad mutha fucka,” he says.

Just then the guy from “Feedng the Spirit starts to get nervous.

Then Antionio and I start laughing and hug.

Later he sneaks up on me when I am outside The Verve (and after they have kicked me for using their Wife fi at a table) and he whispers again “I fXXXing HATE ju Man!”

Fact is most of the guys love me. Even Tom, who hates everyone and who I had something of a problem with has warmed up to me; and I him.

It’s hard for me to explain to Leslie how part of me wants to stay living at the shelter for as long as possible. She gets most of it since her father was a pastor all his life (Walt Gerber of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church) – but I am sure she worries for my safety.

We’ll see. But we prayed last night and it feels good to have a potential partner I can openly pray with.

This next week the “room search” begins in earnest. But I think it will be Nov. 1.


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