Establishing the Run

In football, if you are going to have a great passing game you have to establish the run.

I have been playing smash-mouth football and nothing but the run for a month now – ever since I got back. Not one pass – and I am known for just that – my arm.

Day after day I have simply run the football. But all of that would be meaningless without the grace of God. God has opened the holes and I have run through. And God has repaired me in the nightwatches so I jump up at 4 a.m. ready to hit it again.

I just got the call at the goal line. Touchdown.

I start the new job on Monday. I’ll work hard (running the ball – get a place in a month or so); but now I can start looking at developing the passing game with longer range goals most probably out of this area.

I have been, and will continue to be, extremely deliberate.

More later..on backup CPU and it sucks (keyboard is wacky).


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