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"Feeding the Spirit" at work at HSC.

“Feeding the Spirit” at work at HSC.

There are good days and bad.

Day before yesterday I packed poorly for the day. Forgot my sunglasses. Very bad. I have macular degeneration (bad eyes) and the sun is very harsh here. That meant staying indoors as much as much as possible, or in the shadows…looking away from the sun. I had also over-dressed in long jeans thinking it would be colder. It wasn’t.

The Great Reynaldo and I have not had hardly any face time. He defriended me last week on Facebook for no apparent reason – but then people  do that all the time for any number of reasons. I happen to be the sort of person who always gets a bkg reaction. I don’t take it personal.

But yesterday was spectacular. My stepmother Dee came into town and we had lunch a Zoccoli’s deli and talked and she brought along an old laptop that I can loan out to people (I had two, one of which is already on loan), and a sleeping bag (my other one is being used by Luther who is still n Watsonville), so the kid – let’s call him Manuel, now has something to sleep in outside beside my thin workout jacket.

It was a very good and upbeat discussion, and it was sweet of her float to me $40  because that will buy me a waterproof BIVY if I need it in 3 weeks.

Next, I got a callback from Bellows Plumbing and HVAC. I have had a real sense all along that they were the place I was going to work at. I really left it (or once maybe) in Gods hands emotionally. I met with them at 11:00 a.m. om on Monday for  second interview – which I assume will lead to a hire.

We just liked each other too much.

Then my sister Heather called and she and her fiance Ken were in town and wanted t go out for dinner!

We are not exactly a close family, but Heath is my closest family member. We hated each other growing up, but that changed when I came to faith. She told me in my 20’s “I knew it was real because you immediately quit pounding me.”

Quite the testimony, eh?

We had a great time. It is impossible not to enjoy her future husband – who – is actually bigger and taller than me (and more muscular  yikes). And sis is quite joyful.

I came “home” with new provisions for folk here.And the Great Reynaldo and I suddenly seemed back on track, joking and cutting up about his recent “banning” from a sports bar – and all was well.


Today “Feeding the Spirit” folks will be  here, led by Daniel Burns – my friend – and I will help out where I can. Then it is a day of mundanity (laundry, packing and organizing…phone calls.)

Next month I could easily be camping and moving around a lot JUST to keep my job In tact. There will be no quick trips for light fun and romance to SF then. It will be gritty deliberate war that does not look like war to anyone else.

Do I hope to avoid it? You bet. By any means possible. I wish someone would give me access t protected property to just set up camp for a month – but no one wantS to “take a chance” these days.

I take a chance every day – not because I am better than anyone – but because i see through the fear. It’s an illusion to keep us from active love.

The fact is, if we love and risk nothing bad will happen to us – and, as Jesus said, we “lay up treasure in heaven where thief cannot steal and moth cannot destroy.” These things have lasting meaning because God recognizes them not as any type of earnings. but a acts done in love. And we were created in His image to love.

I have simply been somewhat “forced” to have a meaningful and joyful life.  You should be so lucky and blessed.

No the trick is, after I start work, how to keep doing it.


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