She FFFF Hates me…Nananananana..”

“Why?” Dee asked.

“Because all women with any Control issues always end up hating me.” I said “They have to. They cannot help it. She has actually handed it very well, being so young No Bazookas or anything. I just work harder – which pisses her off more and now I will get a better job. It’s no big deal.”

I have been through this before. I am maddening -, especially to women. I am NOT controllable – except to God and Lord knows they NEED to control me and , well – that’s just silly.

Now men are different They care about results. – mostly. Only been fired by one man because I didn’t fit in” – Gary Mannery” and he was a woman. The others just cared about wins and losses.  So OMG as I threw strikes and retires batters I was golden. End of discussion.


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