2013 – One Size Does Not Fit All


1: I was Just Standing There.

“Could you back away? You are too big” she said alarmed.

I was just standing there like a normal person.

“Um, Oh sure. I’m sorry. No problem,” I said, easing back a yard and a foot. She relaxed and the conversation kept on. I wondered how often people felt that way but never said anything.

People here will speak directly.

2:”One Size Does Not Fit All.”

“I need you to open the Bike cage again.”

“Again?” I said a little exasperated. “I have opened it twice for you guys and it closed an hour ago. I mean what is the policy around here (I wondered aloud as BC my role model was in earshot) for this?”

X kinda came unglued on me “It doesn’t really matter. You are not dealing with a wife who has cancer and who forgets things, and now I have to go to work and I need a jacket because it is getting cold and sure, probably I should have remembered to get it but I am tired and its been a long day and it ain’t over yet!” he yelled.

And as he was yelling at me like I was “The Man” and didn’t care I realized that I had about three seconds to decide what to do and that this was why I was here to make these kind of decisions in a split second. Then he finished: “You just can’t treat everyone the same. There are different circumstances for different people!”

“Let’s go open the cage,” I said firmly and non-plussed.

As we walked alongside each other I said “You know it is going to take me some time to get to know everyone’s story,” I said. “But you are right about not treating everyone the same…which, of course is what institutions always say but is nonsense. No one is the same, and no one’s situation is the same.”

“One size does not fit all, ” he said.

“You got that right.”

3: Size Matters.

It’s about 9:15 and BC* and I are walking the perimeter with flashlights, then off down mostly dark Coral Street. I’ve been on the job two days but I’ve made an impression. I group of five guys approaches in the dark and no one can see faces but one yells out quick “Hey Mac!”

BC is a big man himself at 6’4″ and a good 300 pounds. He is also of Scottish ancestry. Our first day on the job together he liked to say (with a grin) “Hey, you really wanna mess with over 12 feet and 600 pounds of pure Scottish mean-ness?”

Anyway, I wasn’t hired for my brains, or my sense of humor (grins).


All names are changed here. BC looks like a cross between Bill Clinton and Dennis Farina from Law and Order. He’s big,  warm and takes really good care of people. I am happy to follow his example. I’ll do some things differently of course, but most things the same.


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