Faith hope and love

My exit from Portland was unceremonious.

I refuse to dwell. I move ahead in Eugene taking all I learned from Portland with me and laying aside anything not bore from faith, hope or love.

I will miss the Lads, especially Robert the Gangl. But he and I will meet again soon enough. I miss the Kierkegaard class and Kasey’s leading such a open and warm discussion. I miss the worship there.

I was changed and now I am doubling down on that change here in Eugene.

Still I left with hardly anything, not having the funds to transport what I did have along with me. It’s in good hands for now (or most of it).

Almost all was in my one backpack they did not wish me to retrieve just as I was leaving. I do not fault them. My leaving upset some and they flt it better I just go.

Still my lightsaber (Bible) is in that pack, and a Jedi should never go anywhere without his lightsaber. My calligraphy pens, ink…some marked up T-shirts with Zen Greek lettering. My art pens.

So as I get ready to check in tonight to the Eugene Mission I realize at night my laptop will be locked up along with my other bags (there are 4 times the number of men there than in Portland).

So I am at the most glorious library I think I have ever seen. If I could shoot it in Wim Wender’s Black and White (Wings of Desire) it would look like the library in Berlin.

I found what I needed: two Merton books: The Asian Journal and Love and Living.

The collection here in my particular haunts is staggering next to Portland’s run down library. Internet all day long too.

To the few who have worried there is no need. Every open and spiritual path has setbacks. It is what we do with them.

I messed up one day and I had to go. It was not much of a mess-up (as mess-ups go) but a deal is a deal.

I didn’t whine or argue. I just left. (Mac rule#2: “Never spend time with anyone who does not really want to spend time with you”)

God is very good.

I will continue to be a Monk. I will just not do so in an institution for very long. I will find work quickly, find a good roommate, a good church and settle in and serve.

Keeping it simple.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Martha
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 20:40:39

    luck and prayers in Eugene.


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