The Turning Points

There is a time in a man’s life, perhaps in his 30s or 40s when he is faced with the world as it is, not as he wishes it to be His response to this harsh reality (he finds himelf under a bus) will determine everything.

The en you now meet in their late 40s through 80s are the fruit of that decision…that trajectory they chose in the face of failure, hardship and loss one way or the other for there is no inbetween.

When you meet them they will be either aloof, hardened, cynical, angry and, at times, downright man and evil; or they will be open, gracious, aware, circumspect and still trying to do well by others.

Look at the men in your life. Do they not fall somewhere within these two diverse parameters for the most part?

My father and I o not share a lot of common interests, and we have fought off and on for years. But in one wonderfully significant way we are the same: we never stop trying to love. Fail we may, but the game is never over so long as we draw breath.

I respect my father for this (and other things) and I trust it even if at times his way of expressing it have been awkward for me. For my part, I cannot imagine having sh a son. All three of my sons are dramatic improvements of the prototype, each one showing a major aspect of one of my good qualities with not much of the bad.

And all three sons are men who love. I trust them and listen to them.

There are other turning points. As you get older these become more life and death. Bt then we all die eventually, so the real question is what meaningful contributions to you wish to make and what are you willing to give up in order to do those things?



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