Yesterday’s Wow, after nothingness the day before

Waiting near Pioneer Square for The Tri-Max

Nothing to Wow!

When one is homeless there is almost always something to be done. It’s a full time job requiring planning for food, resources, safety and other items in my case, like keeping my batteries on all the technology in my bags fully charged.

On the latter Starbucks does now provide a well of sorts. I can recharge all batteries, sit in comfort, and take a four minute “leave the bathroom spotless” hair shampoo or body cleanse when needed. The only thing is how to avoid the “I’m a dirt-bag using all your resources for free” phenomenon…which I have experienced when I had no money at all.

Well, before I left, Les(Moon) gave me a Starbucks anti-dirt-bag card that, if used wisely will get me10 days of anti-dirt-bag protection. I mean, it is all internal, as are most of our conflicts, even the ones we claim to be the responsibility of other people. It still takes place between our ears.

Yesterday there was Church at The Well, a young, healthy eager church that thinks globally but acts locally and globally. I learned, in service, that the daughter of my college roommate and friends Scott and Terri McCrae’s daughter had gone in to labor and would not be making that day’s service.

I look forward to meting her face to face (we have written), her husband Jason an their new baby.

Today is different. I was eager to get into the heart of the City but needed to prepare. Luke dropped me at a Starbucks near some bus lines and I decided to leave it up to me to get back to their place by 5 on my own. Not sink or swim, just swim in new fresher water.

I love the weather today (Monday) and greenery of Portland. It’s  city one can fall in love with immediately, especially if you kike lots of rain (good Scottish weather). Today the sun is out but the air is like pure San Francisco air…cool. The downtown square is full with a Framer’s market, fountains and lots of trolleys and buses on all four sides.

Some members of the Church at the Well decided to chip in some money. I didn’t ask, which makes it all the sweeter. This solves my problem that I have, while homeless or sitting on my butt at the computer in Arkansas, become quite fat. This does not alarm me at present as it is at least number 4 or 11 on my agenda list. But while I have nice shirts to wear for casual interviews, no nice shorts. So this money enables me to hit Ross first (today) or Casual XL up kinda North via Max line (light rail) and a bus and walking if I find nothing in “mutant size” at Ross (you would be surprised).

I visited the transportation center and got bus schedules, and a map of downtown sites and businesses and transport sponsored by those businesses.

So far, people in Portland are neither overly friendly nor distant. Like the town itself, they seem to be very straight-forward. It has a peaceful feeling to it that someone like myself can thrive in.

It’s a healthy town and not one that seems an inviting one to drink in. The area I am in now is reminiscent of right near the campus at Berkeley Gate. On the other side (East side) of the river it is very much like Sacramento downtown, only without the blinding heat.

There is nothing earth-shattering to report at all. Just the opposite. I meet tonight with a director fo a transitional housing project for dinner thanks to Luke. He and Alison have been very gracious to me and made me feel at home while we all are agreed on the time table.

No dramas, no big questions…simply. Now to go find some nice khaki shorts or dockers.


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