Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Off the Max Over the River

Well, my last night in a bed. The last 14 days (two on a couch) have ben nice and rejuvenating, but it is time to go and let me say that I have had the most gracious hosts to welcome me here and also anticipate some needs I had not thought of.

Now I have to comfort myself that Jacques Ellul as an Anarchist…true a Christian Anarchist, but still and Anarchist all the same.

The fabric of our social orders is a fiction. In fact, our “meaning” structures are mostly based on fictions. As Ernest Becker so aptly said in 1974, it is all madness.: “Agreed madness, shared madness, but madness all the same.”

Thus, for example, A patch of unused ground at night to sleep on is something I can be cited for and even arrested after a warning. It is public land, unpopular and avoided. Still, I my be reported if someone sees me enter behind the oriental market and hike up the little hill in the dark and lay my bag down and try to get a few hours sleep.

I am looking at all options. Not all homeless people have a notebook with wifi and a non-dirt-bag Starbucks card (thanks for the chocolate chunk cookie Les!) to do job searching and look for services, send in resumes and apply for jobs.

They also cannot do research. There is a campground called JJ “Stubbs” which has overnight camping. I may be able to get a year pass. I do not mind such camping with a shower an if I can work out transportation it is a 45 minute commute to a job in Portland.

It would be nice to not have to be paranoid.

And I can donate time as a volunteer at the park. Could be a win-win.

As such I will need my tent and butane stove from Petaluma. I am asking if one of you, my loyal readers, would be willing to send Miles a check for postage to send my tent and cooking stove up to me. If so..write me! Shd be cheap.

I do not need much. Later, if it starts to turn cold and I do not yet have a regular paycheck (which is highly unlikely) I may ask for help sending stuff up from Monterey. I asked my family to send either of my tough coats (army jacket or long coat)…they sent a sport jacket I have absolutely no use for.

But it truly is the thought that counts…and they have been extremely supportive through this whole debacle. I am NOT complaining…I actually found it funny in a “Magnum” head bob kinda way.

I had wanted to write a short piece of fiction about dreaming of a normal life, then waking up in a thistle patch near a freeway. Maybe tomorrow.

Be thankful for your crappy job, what benefits you have and your house and bed. More and more Amerians do not have this at al.


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  1. Martha
    Aug 27, 2010 @ 11:19:45

    As long as there is hope, there is success.


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