COPS and Fake Rain?

Okay I get the cops thing. I am carrying 210 pounds of stuff and weaving. All toll that is like 500 pound of massive movement.

So the cops sweep in.’s a no brainer…I would swoop. 6’7″ monster splashing around with 500 pounds? No brainer.

Here is the good thing…I am articulate and a gentleman.

And I obey.

So the officer sees me struggling with my baggage and stops me.

He orders me to sit on my bag. I comply.

He asks questions and I am damned articulate. He notes this. He actuslly says to me “You are very articulate and a gentlrman”


So they load my stuff into a patrol car and drop me at an illegal sleepng place knowing full well I am gonna bed down there.

But then I am articulate and a gentleman.

A guy yells at me at 11 p.m. “the spinkers are gonna soak you”

I figure they may come on at like 5 a.m and I will be up long before that.

I am mistaken.

They come on at 4:10 and soak me and my hoodie and sleeping bag.

I mean drenched.

So I have showered today.

I make due ad head to Starbucks for a hot cup o’ joe at 5.

Big Mike is next to me doctoring his coffee. He says “Hey Mac how are ya?” I tell him the truth.

“You homeless?” he asks through his white broad beard.

“Yeah…and drinking. They kinda go together”

He laughs and lends his giant paw and we smile.

He has been sober for 8 years. I like Big Mike a lot.


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