From the Sublime to the Utterly RIDIC

A few days ago I was trying to sleep on a dead airbed (not made for 330 pound  mutants it last ten days before exhaling its last) and having to get up and wee at 4 am on the bushes in Petaluma.

The last two nights I have had my own room on the top (27th floor) of a building on Lake Merritt whose penthouse can only be accessed by a key.

My parents are house-sitting for friends who are away at another of their houses. My youngest sister is in town from Nairobi and we are all going to meet her new beau at a brunch at 12:30, which I am sure will be fab.

The entire Bay Area is my skyline this a.m. and it has been a very good two days break (mind, spirit, heart and family) to be here and much needed relief for my benefactors in Petaluma, who, like most people, find my a lopsided blessing and curse

Camille, Aubree and Fred.

Time with my father and step-mother has been very easy, and the night before last Adam came over with 3/4rs of his bike and Camille brought Aubree. Both Camille and I had seen Shutter Island a few times, so at one point we just fell asleep holding hands.

I have the best children in the world.

Kookachay with his bike.

So I sublimely slept in the penthouse after a great showing of The Taking of Pelham 123, and a wonderful salmon dinner prepared by Dee (who is the best cook I know).


And now back to the Utterly RIDIC. Homeless and wanting a place to rebuild.


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