All Along The Watchtower

Being homeless is all about being street-level. So you meet people you would otherwise ignore. Sorry…it’s that simple.

So I met Philippe from Fiji outside the Grocery Outlet where I knew I could get wifi and also there are milk crates you can sit on…and unofficial office. But Philippe was sitting on two of my milk crates. I had to take the one left over.

Casual talk while his wife sat across the way uninterested. As we made friends she decided to come over. He gave her a milk crate. She asked “Do you believe in God?”

“Yes, I believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. More important they know me.”

Philippe seemed oddly pleased. She was not.

“I want to give you this pamphlet.”

“So you are both Jehovah’s Witnesses,” I say. (you can tell immediately given the flowerily bad artwork).

So I just cut to the chase “Jesus is God, so says John and that’s a reading from the original Greek and not from your 1951 New World Translation which has a  mistranslation that omits what is clearly in the Greek text.”

“You can choose to disbelieve that Jesus is God (a great many people do)  as stated in the text, but don’t try and pretend that isn’t what is said. I read ancient Greek.”

He seemed amused…she was not.

“Will you read this pamphlet?”

“I will on one condition. If you agree to go home and, together, read St. Paul’s Letter to the Colossians and discuss it amongst yourselves”

Then I ask them to pray with me. She refuses but he takes my hand. I am careful to direct my prayer to the Father…Jehovah…Yahweh….

When they leave, I read the entire pamphlet (I promised I would). It is nonsense and wrenches biblical passages out of context and ruins them. Yet I am reminded that we are not “saved” by what we know, but rather by Who we know, and more importantly, Who knows us.


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