Bottled in 1776: Independence Day 2010

"Brandy, bottld in 1776....the Molgofia Brothgers went upo in their first baloon and England recognized the independence of the United States" ~ Highlander

I was supposed to bring eggs and two pork loins to the BBQ today at Mill Street. Instead I am sitting at the Youth Hostel in the Marin Headlands and will spend the day down at the ocean.

As the new No. 6, apparently I am a rule breaker, anarchist, subversive…name me what you will. But I had the audacity at 4 pm yesterday to realize that there was no way I was gonna get back by 6 p.m. to Mill Street. So like all true obstructionists, I called ahead and told the truth:

Mac: Hi, Its Christopher MacDonald. I think I shall miss dinner but be back before closing at 9:30 easily.

Mill Street: No, that is not acceptable. Unless you have a doctor’s appointment, a job interview, a family gathering, etc. you must check in personally by 6 p.m.

Mac: So if I had lied to you and not simply said I was in SF at 4 p.m. then I would have been okay?

Mill Street: (silence)

Mac: Okay, so what do I do from here?

Mill Street: You will have to find other accommodations for this evening, but then you can come back tomorrow.

Mac: Okay.

So I sat there at the corner of Buchanan and Bay (literally in a bucket seat minus the car) and called around.

I got Miles Saunders on the  phone and we go way back…well 21 years. I use to go and sleep in his guest room when my Ex got violent, and in all fairness, he has undressed me publicly for being a selfish narcissist…and when he did so he was correct.

Again, I blame the Depokote for my lack of overall concern about the future even as the night was starting to suggest its coming. Other, more “spiritual” men would cloak this in some semi-quasi-neosporin-pseudo spirituality.


So Miles decided to come pick me up. He’s a very resourceful man and had already found that the Ft. Mason Hostel was full up but the one in the Marin Headlands was not. He graciously booked me for two nights. I have called the Shelter. My stuff s okay. They thought I wanted to argue. I didn’t and said so. Things went better from there.

Now I love the Hostel at in the Marin Headlands. I have brought my older sons here when they were 5 and 7 (and I have pictures of Tosco-B with one leg slung outside the third story window) my friend Tony (who PAID someone else to do “his chore”) and an entire youth group (college aged) from o Presbyterian Church.

Old familiar ground.

I asked tables of people about who America gained its independence from. 90% were dead on. Much better than what Eric got at the Fair in a drunken stupor where 50% said “the French”.

As the Demi Moore look alike reminded me this morning. the “French” were very involved in the whole debacle for Indeoendence and thus easy for people to slide a categry over from ally to enemy.

I got mostly UK, Britain, England with sopats of Spain, Italy and a smartass whio said “Kalifornisa”.

Good point. Extraordinary eyebrows. Yum.


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