Day Four: politics exists everywhere people do.

Aerial view of part of the Canal area of San Rafael, CA.

It looks pretty huh? On the North side it is, and posh; on the South side of the canal it is the Barrio and industrial.

The forst night there as I walked around I was sure I was gonna get my face shot off. I’m a big target and hard to miss. I am not what they called “dodgey”. I was always the first kid OUT in dodgeball.

But now I see, as I walk around that I am perfectly safe and that there is a subtle racism in me I was unaware of.  The fact is the neighborhood is 98% Hispanic/Latino. I treat those I pass by with my usual respect and they show th same in return.

No one has called me a “Gringo” or shot my face off.

I am actually looking this a.m. for a church to attend on Sunday…and I hope it will be HERE, where I currently live.


In other news today may be Marin Health & Human Services Day, especially since my case worker is off every other Monday.

I don’t need help with food stamps nearly so much as the real American problem (besides unemployment: health care). With CMSP I get free clinic visits, blood work and meds.


In the meantime the rest of the morning has to be spent on job hunting. I have one more day before my initial 5-day thing is over. Then things get dicey. Then I have to call in at 10 every day from outside to secure a bed for the night. It’s uncertain and a big hassle…especially since you need to have a place for your “stuff”.

Chances are they will give me into next week without much questions. But this place is meant to draw in money or move you on. For many that means the street most of the time.

I can see why some give up and just stay OUT. It’s not my way, but I understand it.


Politics is everywhere people are and everyone is so damned SURE. I spent too much time other as a theologian and a journalist to me so SURE.

I know when a real injustice is happening in front of me and act on it. That I know. I know when someone is sticking the knife in my gut and twisting the handle, even if I choose to not react in kind.

I think this is why it is even more important these days to simply listen to God and believe. I said God, not religion. That is pretty fucked up as a general rule. To quote my own words “the world screams, but God whispers”.

I’ll be out there in a few an it will be screaming. On the downside I do not possess earplugs of any kind. On the good side, it’s not my responsiblity. It’s God’s. Hope He is okay today. Gonna be a long one.


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  1. Colette
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 20:48:51

    Keep posting, Chris. I am thinking of you. Keep writing.


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