Beginnings of Day Two

Being Homeless takes a tremendous amount of daily planning. You need to make lists, plan your itinerary and pack your bag (and make sure whatever bags you have are safe) very early in the morning.

I was in the shower by 5:30 (thank GOD for that guy getting me the shampoo), then quick breakfast followed by massive organization. All the stuff in my locker needed to be bagged and tagged before I was out I had a chore (I think I broke the vacuum cleaner).

Then off to ctach the bus to Starbucks to write and send out queries. Then hobble to Ritter House in 20 minutes to see the nurse for a variety of small ailments (like my fricken TOE!). Then hot St. Vincent’s before 11 to get some fresh socks (I have two pair after the purge) and they will give me a check for the DMV to get a duplicate licenseway over in Corte Madera after lunch.

If I an get back by 2:00 to Ritter (doubtful) I can get in on Joseh’s group (he runs the place) and I’d like that. Joseph has been a constant help and he manages probably 120 people a day.

From there I MAY be able to get out to the GA (Marin County Health & Welfare Services… but this sounds wildly doubtful.

One does push beause, at the Shelter you begin with five days for sure..then it’s “iffy”. I have no backup behind this…no pack, bag, tent etc…those all came to Carmel after I was forced to leave way too swiftly. So it just sits there.

I think most of these guys have a backup…especially this time of year. Apparently, if you stay away from the parks the police will not hassle you so long as you are in incnspicuous and ruly. I and the latter, just not the former.

As Vonnegut says: “so it goes”.

Mac says “let go of it today and deal with what you have in front of you clearly and fully.


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